Our Services

Our Services

Lawn Fertilization

Our fertilization program is top notch! We use golf course materials in your yard.

Lawn Renovations

With over 35 years of experience, Steve’s Lawn Care has undertaken lawn renovation projects of all sizes. 

Lawn Aeration

Aerating the lawn improves fertilizer uptake, water percolation, and other such benefits.

Tick and Mosquito Control

Your leading lawncare company specializing in tick control, and mosquito control, Steve’s Lawncare has all the tools needed to get your bug problem under control.

Mulch Services

We provide mulch work as well as mulch deliveries. We received fresh bark mulch from Maine. Choose from 3 different colors: hemlock, black or dark pine.

Weed Control Services

Please call us today so we can come out and professionally diagnose the safest most effective way to control your weeds.

Pruning Services

Pruning helps to improve the overall health and appearance of trees and shrubs in your yard.  Call Steve’s Lawn Care & Sons for all your pruning needs.

Trimming Services

Trimming can improve the look and the health of a plant that is overgrown. Call Steve’s Lawn Care & Sons for all your trimming needs.