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Since 1986!
Steve’s Lawn Care is a “community based small business” that employs and purchases locally.
Fertilization Programs
Fertilization Schedule
All Granular Feedings

1st Feeding: Applied mid March thru April - Balanced fertilizer that will allow for quick spring rejuvenation of your lawn and includes a pre-emergence for crabgrass control.

2nd Feeding: Applied May/June - Balanced fertilizer with crabgrass control and spot broadleaf weed control

3rd Feeding: Applied June/July - High nitrogen feeding for summer coloring. Spot treat broadleaf weeds. *MERIT* Grub Prevention also offered and applied at this time.

4th Feeding: Applied in August/September - Heavy nitrogen/potassium application to assist turf from high temperatures. Spot treat broadleaf weeds.

5th Feeding: Applied late October/November - Commencing with the end of the mowing season. A hardened feeding to aid turf during dormancy period and becomes available to the plant with springtime thaw.

Additional Feeding Available

Guaranteed Grub Control: "Dylox", if necessary, early spring, as a quick kill to control grub worms.

Grub Preventative: "Merit" applied at 3rd feeding. This product is currently the most effective insecticide available to the market.  MUST BE WATERED IN THOROUGHLY!

Brown Lime Pellets: Applied at 1st or 5th feedings. This sweetens the soil and aids in balancing the pH level in the soil.

Quick Lawn Green Up: Applied as a quick solution to enhance the color of your lawn.  When watered adequately, this feeding will give you a deep dark green lawn for up to 20 to 30 days. Be the envy of all!

Disease Control: Applied as needed or upon request due to weather related conditions

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